3 Types of Poker Games You Should Know

Did you know that there are various types of poker, and not all are played in casinos? If you are planning to invest in a professional poker table for your game room at home, it will help to familiarize yourself with the kinds that most people know how to play. Here are the top six poker games you should master.

  1. Texas Hold 'Em

Starting with the crowd favorite, playing Texas Hold 'Em starts like this. The dealer will hand two cards to each player around the table. These will be kept by the players throughout the game, and you will compare these two to the shared cards that will be laid on the poker table. 

At the flop, which is the first round, only three cards are placed face-up in the middle of your poker table set. Then, the players will decide how much they are willing to bet on their own card combos. Depending on how you weigh your combo, you can choose to bet or fold.

After this, the turn, or the second round, will commence. The same things are done until the river, or the final round. In this round, the last bets will be placed. For Texas Hold 'Em, it can end in two ways: a showdown or when everyone chooses to fold except for one.

In a showdown, all players will show their card combos, and the best one will win. For the latter part, you can achieve is the last to fold by being confident, or through mastering the art of the bluff.

  1. Omaha

For Omaha style, the players begin with a set of four cards. Then, the shared cards will be placed. Next, select two from the hold and three from the shared. Players have the liberty to choose whichever cards can give them the highest combo. The betting rounds work quite similar to Texas Hold 'Em.

  1. 5-Card Draw

This game begins with all players being dealt five cards each. Based on this set, a player can choose to bet or fold. Once decisions have been made, players are allowed to swap out some cards. The dealer, then, will give replacements depending on how many the player requests.

After that, the second round begins. If there are still players after the betting, a showdown will be done. Whoever has the best combo wins the game.

Get Your Poker Face On!

Start studying these first three poker game types and get yourself the best poker table to practice on and play casual games. You will surely be an expert in no time.