Poker Tables with LED Lights

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Explore our stunning array of custom poker tables with a built-in LED illumination strip, engineered to light up your gaming room and poker experience.

Dare to bet, bluff, and back raise in the dark with a poker table with a stunning LED illumination system, which boasts a dazzling array of neon colors. Use manually or upgrade your remote to a programmable smartphone-controlled wifi remote, these tables make turning the system on or off as convenient as possible. From cool blue to electric green to scorching red, flick the switch and elevate the mood and style of your poker play with a much-needed pop of color.

Supporting an extensive variety of lighting modes, from strobe lighting, fading lighting, smooth lighting, flash lighting, and constant lighting, heighten the intensity and fun of your games with some dramatic lighting, or relax and cool down with some gentler modes. This feature makes the table a perfect party centerpiece, flashing in time with music or fading in and out of various colors to match whatever mood you need. On the topic of color, one of our poker tables with LED lights has many, allowing users to choose from a shocking sixteen colors, which span the spectrum from purple to bright sunny yellow. Making one of these poker tables an investment that injects fun and enthusiasm into your living space, a dynamic and modern addition to any competitive venue, gaming room, or arcade space.

This range of poker & game tables with LED lights are not just pretty, however- they will bring you a lifetime of entertainment, enjoyment, and significant health benefits. Playing poker comes with a lengthy list of neurological and social benefits, improving your critical thinking skills, sharpening your cognitive skills, building focus, and building your friendships and relationships with those closest to you. With an LED poker table, you're paying to experience these benefits- all in the stylish and special glow of your neon illumination system.

One of our poker tables with LED lights, the biggest brand in this category being the highly rated BBO poker tables is a truly authentic, rewarding, reliable investment that will allow you to perfect your poker hand like never before. With the vast majority of table options in this collection being oval, prepare to host complex and exciting games that include everyone, from family to friends. Sleek and accessible, the people around you will be blown away by the style and sophistication of an LED casino poker table, that adds additional drama and elegance to any space.

Engineered by industry experts, these poker tables also feature two reinforced pedestal legs for optimum support and stability and features including a two-inch sunken pit and racetrack which keep games inside the table. Compete in luxurious comfort with the premium armrests and stainless steel cup holders of one of these tables, perfect for securing any much-needed refreshments and snacks. For the playing surface of many of these poker tables, you also can choose between felt or speed cloth, allowing you to tailor its unique material construction to your specific preferences and gameplay needs. In addition to all this, you even have the option for a small additional fee to add another unique and eye-catching design element to this poker table with led lights- a dynamic design template. Choose from a diverse and stunning series of designs, from funky and eclectic poker-themed art to banners celebrating American patriotism to wild Western-inspired illustrations. With our state-of-the-art gaming tables, you can truly put your unique stamp on your investment.

This range of LED tables highlights the elite construction, affordable prices, and unique features our brand has become synonymous with. We provide equipment that suits all poker enthusiasts, from amateurs to experienced professionals, designed to elevate their experience of this globally beloved game. With free shipping and insurance on all of our products, a glossy LED poker table is immensely affordable and accessible, guaranteed to light up your living space.

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Poker Tables with LED Lights FAQs

We can't tell you what the ‘best table is for you because what that will be is dependent on a range of individualistic factors. Things like your budget, your space, the environment you keep the table, the number of people you play with, and how important additional features are to you will shape this choice.

Despite this, some highly rated poker tables with led light options from this collection includes the BBO Lumen oval 10 person table and their round eight-person Ginza LED table which both feature extensive five-star reviews.

poker table for sale can provide almost any color light.

The options we provide in this collection tend to have a 16 color spectrum, which ranges from neon green to red all the way to cool blues.

Controlling the lighting of your poker table is incredibly easy. With almost all LED tables there are two ways to control the illumination system.

There is a physical switch attached to the table to manually turn the lights on and off, and there is a remote.

LED Tables use LEDs for a range of reasons.

LED’s have a highly efficient energy output, producing less heat, more light, and a lower cost. For example, they use 85% less electricity than conventional lighting, having a big impact on your energy use. The LEDs in a poker table, therefore, save you money, and last longer.

These tables go for between the mid 1,000.00s up to the upper 3,000.00s.

LED tables tend to be oval, and cost around a similar amount if slightly more due to the LED feature.

You can buy one here, directly on this page.