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5 Best Folding Poker Tables to Buy in 2023

Folding poker tables offer affordable alternatives to professional-style tables. Check out our list of the best foldable poker tables for your game room.

5 Best Folding Poker Tables to Buy in 2022


Folding poker tables bring the thrill of casino poker straight to your home.

Easy to transport and store, a foldable poker table is an affordable alternative to a high-end poker table. Tack on a set of poker chairs, and you will have a complete poker setup for game nights at your home.

Shopping for a poker table for sale is much more than just the price. Most poker tables are big, luxurious, and difficult to transport. As a result, these tables are lifetime investments that will serve as the centerpiece of any dining or game room.

However, if you’re looking for an everyday poker table without any fuss, a folding poker table is perfect for you.

With that said, shopping for the right folding poker table can be difficult, especially regarding quality and workmanship. Luckily, we’ve prepared this guide with our best folding poker tables to help you find the right fold-up poker table for your home and game room.

Don’t worry. No matter how hard you fold, we promise these folding poker tables will always be there to support you.


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Folding Poker Table Buying Guide

Benefits of a Folding Poker Table

5 Best Folding Poker Tables to Buy in 2022
  • Easy assembly storage
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Provides a full-length table
  • Comes in multiple shapes, including oval, round, and octagon
  • Most tables are designed to support heavy weight limits
  • More affordable than a solid piece poker table

Finding the Right Folding Poker Table

Folding poker tables are an excellent investment, especially for their value in terms of price and gameplay. When shopping for a folding poker table, consider the following factors:

  • Shape
  • How many players it seats/length
  • Total weight
  • Weight capacity
  • Playing surface
  • Budget

Generally, the shape and weight will determine how it is to fold and assemble a folding poker table. The shape will also impact its length. For example, an oval poker table generally fits more players, with some folding poker tables seating as many as 10 players.

In addition, weight capacity is also very important. Find a table constructed of steel legs with durable locking mechanisms capable of handling weights over 300-400 lbs. With these tables, you’ll enjoy regular gameplay without fear of your table buckling.

Finally, keep your budget in mind when selecting a folding poker table. Luckily, most folding poker tables are generally more affordable than solid ones and will provide similar gameplay experiences.

With these factors in mind, let’s help you find the right folding poker table for your gameroom. 

Most Popular Folding Poker Tables

1. BBO Aces Pro Alpha Poker Table for 10 Person with Dealer

Best Overall Folding Poker Table

BBO Aces Pro Alpha Poker Table for 10 Person with Dealer


  • Fold up design allows for easy storage
  • Color changing LED light strip
  • 700 lbs. SAH wooden legs
  • Seats up to 10 players
  • Up to 97” Length
  • Optional dining tabletop
  • Four felt colors (upgrade to suited speed cloth)
  • Removable playing surface with custom tournament graphics
  • Upgrade available: built-in shuffler, USB charger, cup holders
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

For a stylish and functional folding poker table, look no further than BBO; this big, bright, and high-quality brand delivers every time.

The BBO Aces Pro Alpha Poker Table features a dazzling color-changing LED strip operated by a wireless controller and options to upgrade to a USB charging station with a hidden power supply for a modern and functional design.

BBO opted for quality with this foldable poker table by employing its state-of-the-art SAH or strong-as-hell legs, capable of holding up to 700 lbs. total weight. Tack on an optional dining tabletop, and this folding poker table doubles as a sturdy dining room set for any room.

BBO allows customers to customize their playing surface with tournament-style graphics and upgrade their purchase with suited speed cloth for actual professional-style gameplay. Be sure to protect your folding poker table by upgrading it with stainless steel cup holders, though this table is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

So if you’re looking for the premier LED poker table with folding legs, look no further than BBO and the luxurious Aces Pro Alpha Poker Table.

Starting at $1,999 

2. BBO Poker Tables Prestige Folding Poker Table

Best Folding Poker Table with a Dealer Position

BBO Poker Tables Prestige Folding Poker Table


  • Easy to fold and transport design
  • Removable playing surface with custom graphic surface template
  • Choice of felt or speed cloth with four color options
  • 100” length seats up to 10 players
  • Choice of metal or wooden legs
  • 1.2mm locking steel legs
  • Frame supports up to 300 lbs. 
  • Upgrades available: metal cup holders, dealer tray, or dropbox
  • No assembly required
  • 1-year limited warranty

BBO maintains its signature quality of design with the Prestige Folding Poker Table. This poker folding table gives customers a wide range of choices to customize their purchase, including optional metal or wooden legs, a customizable table print, a choice between felt or speed cloth, and up to four different cloth colors.

Its signature kidney bean shape reaches up to 100” in length and seats up to 10 players and even one dealer.

While not as robust as the Aces Pro Alpha, this folding poker table features locking metal legs and a sturdy frame capable of holding up to 300 lbs. of total weight.

As a bonus, there is no assembly required, and this purchase is backed by a 1-year limited warranty. So if you’re looking for a sturdy and no-frills folding poker table from a reputable brand like BBO, the Prestige Poker Table is right for you.

Nothing is certain about poker except for the quality of a BBO poker table. 

Starting at $1,899 

3. BBO Aces Pro Folding Poker Table 10 Person with Dealer

Best Features Folding Poker Table

BBO Aces Pro Folding Poker Table 10 Person with Dealer


  • Metal folding legs support up to 300 lbs. total capacity
  • Seats up to 10 players
  • Includes stainless steel cup holders
  • 1.22mm locking steel legs
  • Lightweight table (80 lbs.)
  • 1-year limited warranty

The BBO Aces Pro Folding Table is like the younger sibling of the Alpha Pro Aces Table and offers many of the same features as its older sibling but in a more convenient and lightweight design.

This folding poker table weighs in at a whopping 80 lbs. and comes with 1.2mm locking stainless steel legs that allow for easier transport and storage than many of BBO’s alternatives.

Set this folding poker table up anywhere and in any room, as this 10 person poker table even includes a built-in dealer position and stainless steel cup holders to give you everything you need for a professional poker experience.

Customers can choose between standard felt or speed cloth and up to four color options to customize their purchase.

In addition, this table comes with removable vinyl armrests and a customizable table print to make this folding poker table unique to your setup.

The Aces Pro Folding Table offers a light and easy assembly that makes it accessible for nearly any setup.

Starting at $1,299 

4. Kestell Deluxe Oak Folding Poker Table with Service Top

Best Wooden Folding Poker Table

Kestell Deluxe Oak Folding Poker Table with Service Top


  • “Sur Loc” folding mechanism transforms into a one-piece tabletop
  • Upholstered table surface top
  • Seats up to 10 players
  • 6 wood oak finishes and 4 maple wood finishes
  • 5 Championship Billiard Cloth color options with Teflon Protector 
  • Matching chairs available

For true quality you can feel, look no further than the Kestell Deluxe Oak Folding Table with Service Top. The deluxe, upholstered table surface brings quality to design by employing Championship Series Billiard Cloth with a proprietary Teflon Protector that preserves the surface of your folding poker table for lifetime use.

Kestell poker tables are fully customizable, as this table offers two different wood options, including oak and maple, and up to six and four different wood stains, respectively.

For example, customers can choose from Ranch Oak, Mahogany, Pecan, Spanish Oak, and Natural Fruitwood stains for a truly sophisticated appearance. In addition, customers can also choose from five elegant upholstery colors to find the one that best accents their wood finish.

This table fits up to 10 players, features sturdy folding wooden legs, and comes with its signature “Sur Loc” folding mechanism to condense this table into a single flat playing surface for easy transport and storage.

For the most stylish and elegant folding poker table for any game room, Kestell is the right choice for you. 


"All around great table. Comfortable for 10 players, but not too large to reach the pot from the two end seats. I would definitely recommend this table." - Rizzuto Verified Buyer

Starting at $1,259 

5. Kestell 57" Oak Contemporary Octagon Folding Poker Table 8 Person

Best Budget Folding Poker Table

Kestell 57" Oak Contemporary Octagon Folding Poker Table 8 Person


  • “Sur-Loc” Folding metal frame 
  • 6 stylish Oak finishes
  • Seats up to 8 players
  • 5 Championship Billiard Cloth options with Teflon Protector 
  • 3 vinyl cloth options 
  • Matching chairs sold separately

Finally, Kestell offers a small and lighter alternative to its Deluxe table with this Oak Contemporary Octagon table. This 8 person poker table features the same “Sur-Loc” folding mechanism and folding wooden legs for easy transport, storage, and setup.

This collapsible poker table also has a unique rustic charm and appeal. It’s extremely customizable, allowing you to choose between six distinct stained wood finishes: Ranch Oak, Natural, Fruitwood, Mahogany, Pecan, and Spanish Oak.

You can also even choose the finish of your table upholstery, with the choice between black, dark green, bottle green, burgundy, and red fabric, or black, green, and red vinyl.

If you’re looking for style and compact design, look no further than Kestell poker tables.

Starting at $1,099 


Folding poker tables offer many advantages over a standard poker table, including easy storage, transportation, and setup.

Furthermore, by investing in a high-quality brand like BBO and Kestell, you won’t receive some cheap folding poker table that will collapse or fall apart after the first few games you play.

Save money and enjoy professional-style gameplay with one of these five best folding poker tables you can find on the market. For even greater choice, browse our wide selection of poker tables.

Customers can choose from several different poker table shapes and brands, including poker dining tables with a removable top. In addition, we offer free shipping on all orders, installation services, and financing options to help you bring the fun of poker into your home.


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