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Explore our expansive range of stylish and sophisticated poker tables, available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs.

True to our name, everything available in this diverse and dynamic collection is 100% poker tables, including the most popular and well-received options on our site. Filter through tables abundant with five-star ratings and rave reviews, as you discover the poker table for sale perfect for your unique gaming needs. Made from the absolute peak of modern gaming technology, fitted with multifaceted features and additions that will significantly elevate your gaming experience, it’s no wonder so many of the options here are best sellers. If a best-selling status catches your eye when it comes to searching for a table, you can filter specifically for our most popular poker tables.

A poker table for sale is the ultimate investment for all your gaming needs, providing endless excitement and enjoyment for your friends and family. Choose from options specifically designed for your outdoor space, perfect for the patio or poolside, and from options made to work in the comfort and privacy of your home. Many of our indoor options also come with an innovative built-in dining top, typically constructed from premium oak or mahogany. These tables will allow users to effortlessly transition from elegant dining to intense poker play in mere moments, making poker dining tables an unbeatable option for poker enthusiasts who love to socialize.

Choose from an oval, octagon, and square poker table for sale, which can support a variety of people from seven all the ways up to ten.  We have Poker tables with built-in LED lights available, which come in a gorgeous variety of dynamic colors. Embrace the beauty of custom poker tables with a stylish illumination system, available in shades like neon blue, green, and red. A poker table for sale with this feature is typically controllable both manually and via a programmable wifi remote, allowing poker enthusiasts to dominate the darkness, playing for as long as they want.

You can also opt for a folding poker table, for a more inexpensive and portable option that allows you to play poker wherever you have space. For those seeking to balance the budget, a folding poker table provides excellent quality without a major investment. To search specifically for a folding poker table, visit our folding poker tables sale.

We have a range of customizable tables, where you can customize the poker table felt, materials, and weather of your model. Choose from a variety of materials, from rustic premium wood and modern metal designs to sleek and stain-resistant leather-oriented designs in classic black.  Our playing surfaces also come in both advanced speed cloth and the classic Poker table felt, which you can customize with our range of imaginative and creative art. Choose from anything from stunning and playful pirates to patriotic-themed designs, making your table as imaginative and creative as you are.

For those who prefer to play without assigning someone to deal, we even have poker tables on offer in this collection which features a built-in dealer system. Play with total efficiency and confidence with a poker table for sale with a patented shuffling system, which through mimicking hand cutting, riffling, and stripping significantly cuts down the time needed to play. Many of these systems are also compact and portable, meaning you can easily transport them to any game of your choosing, erasing the need to assign someone to deal with completely.

If you are looking to compare the best poker table options and find the right one for you check out our list of the 9 Best Poker & Card Tables of this year.

Poker Tables FAQs

The reason felt on casino tables is stereotypically green is rooted in color psychology.

Green is known to evoke feelings of calmness and relaxation in people, which is crucial to keeping your head in the game during an intense game of poker.

It’s also, the color of money, which strengthens the association between playing the game and winning big money subconsciously in players.

If the classic poker green isn’t your scene, plenty of our tables have customization options, which allow you to choose the distinctive color felt your want- from cool blues to rich and deep reds.

Carefully and simply. A great solution to clean stains is through mixing a cup of cold water and one tablespoon of vinegar.Then, using a soft towel, dip it in the solution, wring it out, and then blot it on the felt’s surface.

Importantly, make sure you don’t get the fabric too wet.

We can't determine the best poker table for you. This depends on a variety of individualistic factors, including your space, your budget, the number of people you play with, in what environment you want to keep the table, and how important additional features are to you.

We recommend creating a list of your priorities and then carefully browsing this collection to narrow down your search.

The cost of a poker table depends greatly on its materials and overall quality. Foldable poker tables are significantly cheaper than their more sturdy options, going for around $175 to $300. Meanwhile, permanent tables tend to range from between  $750 to over $5,000.

If you're searching for a poker table that will balance the budget, we recommend you visit our poker tables on salecollection.

Yes, it does.

There are three main shapes of poker table- oval, octagon, and square. When considering the size and shape of a poker table and how many people it supports, also keep in the mind elbow room.

Square tables typically support the smallest amount of players, up to four, making them best for intimate settings.

Octagon tables tend to be about 46 inches across and seat up to six players, making them a great option for families and medium-sized groups.

Oval tables can seat from eight up to ten players comfortably. To determine the best setup for your poker table, consider not only the table but the size of the room and how many people you regularly play with.

You can find a table here, directly on this page.