Folding Poker Tables

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Explore our economical and highly stylish range of folding poker tables for sale.

A collapsible poker table gives you the capacity to embrace the joys of poker without any limitations due to your space, schedule, or budget. Its easy foldability means this poker card table can be stored virtually anywhere, and its lightweight yet durable design makes it appropriate for anyone to lift and transport.

What makes folding poker tables an especially attractive purchase, is the fact they retain a sophisticated and stunning look rivaling that of a more premium table. Constructed from elegant and sustainably sourced materials including oak and mahogany, some with sleek leather trim, a poker card table is not a downgrade in terms of style, making an eye-catching centerpiece wherever it is placed.

A collapsible poker table will be fun for all your friends and family, not limiting you to a singular room or space. Enjoy heated games of poker in both summer and winter, by the poolside in the tropical warmth of the sun, or near a roaring hearth snuggled indoors in the chilly depths of winter.  No longer are you limited by distance or space with a foldable poker card table, which allows you to take the game directly to the people you love, creating special memories with family and friends wherever and whenever.

A traditional poker table, while boasting longevity and high quality, remains a sizeable investment, leaving many who love poker but need to balance the budget feeling shut out of their favorite game. Having a table that has been specifically engineered for poker use beats a conventional table every single time in terms of utility, performance, and accessibility, and truly is an essential purchase for any poker enthusiast who is serious about the game. With a fold out poker table, you have the option to enjoy poker in the privacy and comfort of your own space, surrounded by friends and family, without a major cost.

A fold up poker table, also provides incredible longevity, enduring impressive levels of wear and tear considering its highly affordable price. The innovative folding mechanism of a fold out poker table also means it is extremely easy to maintain and clean, unlikely to generate the same unavoidable dust and grime as alternative table options. Allowing you to focus your time and attention fully on the game, experiencing all of the renowned neurological and social benefits of poker without any unneeded worry and hassle.

While this table is a fantastic option for those seeking to save space and balance the budget, some buyers may be seeking a more traditional substantial standing table option. If this applies to you, head on over to our complete poker tables collection, where we offer plenty of non-foldable options boasting premium quality and extensive customizability.

With free shipping and a gift of a 500 piece poker chip set valued at $100 on many of our poker tables, an option from this collection is money well spent. Our utmost priority remains to deliver exceptional customer service, reflected in our drive to provide only the best poker gaming tables available on the market. This is why all of the options in this collection, and the brands they have been produced by, have undergone our meticulous screening and evaluation process to ensure quality, durability, longevity, and authenticity. We are extremely proud of the quality of all the custom poker tables we offer, from our most low cost to our most elite tier options, and this incredible range of ergonomically engineered poker tables is no exception.

Folding Poker Tables FAQs

Fold out poker tables are already cheaper than the majority of poker tables, and are on average sold for $700.00 to $800.00.

The cheapest foldable poker tables are available for only $599.00. With a price that inexpensive, these options sell quickly, so we recommend you act fast.

Whilst we can’t tell you what the best poker table is for you- that’s something you need to decide in alignment with your unique budget and gaming needs- we can tell you the consensus on what makes a good option.

Buyers agree a best one will be inexpensive, highly durable, and portable whilst still maintaining an overall look that is similar to a more high-end table. Great options will come with foldable chairs, so you can avoid the fuss of needing to sort out seating when transporting your table elsewhere.

No. The vast majority of foldable poker tables, especially high-quality ones, will be designed with surface felt that prevents cards from becoming lodged in the fold.

However, if this is a problem you are experiencing with this table it’s an issue that is very easy to fix by buying a poker mat. A poker mat is an extremely low-cost addition to a table that helps prevent slippage, and many feature printed gameplay modes, like blackjack.

However, for the vast vast majority of foldable poker tables, a purchase of a mat will not be necessary.

You can buy a collapsible poker table from a diversity of big-name tabletop gaming brands, including those who specialize in more advanced and premium tables.

Kestell and RAM are two of the biggest sellers, so we recommend browsing through their products if you are specifically seeking a folding option. They sell both wooden and metal folding table options, which can seat a range of people and be easily transported from place to place.

You can buy it directly here on this page, but you should visit our all poker tables collection to discover the full extent of our range.