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Round Poker Tables

Explore our extensive collection of round poker tables, the perfect poker table for intimate groups of family and friends looking to bond over their favorite game. This range of casino grade round poker card tables feature padded, premium baize and speed cloth, and handrails upholstered in luxuriously padded vinyl.

Browse this exclusive collection of poker tables to discover the poker table perfect for your unique gaming needs. Made from the absolute peak of modern gaming technology, fitted with multifaceted features and additions that will significantly elevate your gaming experience, it’s no wonder our round table options are highly popular among all poker enthusiasts. Beautiful, bold and unique, our poker tables have their own unique rustic flair and style, making them a stand out option that is something truly different to the conventional oval poker table.

A round poker table comes in a variety of costs all the way from premium options with elegant designs and elite functionality to inexpensive, highly accessible choices. If the price point of your table is one of your major buying priorities you should consider this poker table, as they are typically less expensive than oval options. Perfect for a fun night at home with friends or a special family occasion, this poker table is more intimate than other alternatives, and makes a stylish and sophisticated statement in your home.

With the endless benefits of poker as both a hobby and a competitive sport, helping you forge long-lasting friendships, heighten your analytical abilities and build superior social intelligence, an investment in this poker table means paying for so much more than some equipment. You're paying for the opportunity to enjoy one of the most stimulating and challenging games in the world in the privacy, comfort and fun of your own space, bringing you experiences and memories that will elevate the overall quality of your life and relationships.

This selection of perfect home poker table options, features a poker table to suit absolutely everyone, that provides an efficient and inexpensive means to enjoy poker. Constructed from premium materials, including various forms of stained wood, which are extremely robust and resilient to long-term wear and tear, these tables are extremely reliable and will last you a lifetime.

Many of our poker tables also feature innovative convertibility and foldability, making them easy to transport and store. These innovative features help the table fit elegantly and effortlessly into the comfort and privacy of your home. A convertible round table keeps dinner, drinks and poker all in one place, allowing you, your family, and your friends to relax and play without the stress and hassle of picking things up and moving from place to place. And a foldable option allows you to physically decide how, when and where you play poker, and round tables with their smaller form are especially easy to move around and store away.

This diverse and dynamic collection of poker & game tables features many of the most well-received and popular options on our site, which with our innovative and helpful financing options and fast-paced delivery get to you as soon as possible. With a premium poker table from this collection, full of five-star rave reviews, you are sure to be impressed by the innovation, quality, and precision of any product you purchase. We are extremely specific about the authenticity, quality, and performance we expect from all of the products we stock because your customer satisfaction always remains our ultimate priority. Check out our list of the 9 Best Poker & Card Tables of this year.

Round Poker Tables FAQs

Typically a round table can seat four to five players, making it a superior option for smaller groups.

Large options can typically seat up to seven or eight players, but unlike an oval or octagon poker table, they typically require more room to be stored due to their lack of corners.

Poker tables with a rounded shape are typically 48 to 60 inches. Round tables are the least common design for poker tables and tend to have a more unified size than other shapes of poker tables.

These tables are typically less expensive than oval tables and can go for anything between a mere $650.00 all the way to $2,200.00

More expensive options like those from Darafeev are exceptions to this, going for on average $4,500.00. We recommend browsing around and making note of your budget before making any purchase.

For stains on both a felt and speed cloth table, create a solution of cold water and vinegar, consisting of one tablespoon vinegar to one cup of water. Then moisten a soft, clean cloth in this solution and blot the stained area with the cloth.

Do this several times, and then pat dry with a clean dry cloth. Do not use too much of the solution as getting your table material too damp can ruin its design and overall look.

For crumbs, dust, or dirt you should use a hand vacuum to hoover them up. Alternatively, use a clean soft towel, toothbrush, or microfiber cloth to clean this up.

No, you do not need a mat to play poker, but for beginners to the game, it helps.

A poker mat is a simple and cheap additional way to provide structure to your games and is typically available in basic poker felt. You can get them in a variety of play modes, and they last a long time.

So while not necessary, if you are new to poker they are an investment you should consider.

You can buy one here directly on our site.

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