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The Best Poker Tables & Card Tables | 2021 Buying Guide - Just Poker Tables

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1. A Few Words About Poker: Getting Started

Poker is amongthe top card games played worldwide, with its rank in close range with other board and card games like chess, monopoly, and checkers. It is one that you can count on in every casino or country where they play card games. So, why do so many people enjoy it to the point of addiction?

The History of Poker

Poker started as far back as the early sixteenth century with a German bluffing game called “Pochen” that eventually developed into in french version called “Poque.” Later in 1830, it became refined, and it earned the name poker.

Since the civil war, they have added rules and created variations of poker. Additionally, people play the game at home, on TV, online, in poker rooms, and casinos.

The game requires luck and skill and can lead to earning or losing thousands of dollars from betting.

Poker Card Ranking

  • Five of a kind
  • Straight flush
  • Four of a kind
  • Full house
  • Flush
  • Straight
  • Three of a kind
  • Two pairs
  • One pair
  • No pair

Benefits of Playing Poker

A lot of people think of the negative addictive side when it comes to playing poker. However, it is essential to note that poker has numerous benefits for the brain and mental health. It is also a game that requires one to be skilled at bluffing. Hence the term “Poker Face.”

Playing poker requires a person’s cognitive abilities like:

  1. Strategizing
  2. Memory
  3. Attention

It requires a full focus on interpreting subtle signals and gestures; it also requires thinking logically and remaining alert while playing. All these requirements help exercise your brain, keep a healthy mind, and make you an asset in your work environment.


2. Reasons to Invest in a Poker Table

For curiosity’s sake, why should you buy a poker table? Do you need a poker table in your man cave when you could just go to a casino?

Here are some benefits to consider that may make you want to buy a poker table if you are still on the fence about making the purchase.

The Comfort of Home is Constant

Although it sounds very sentimental, there is no place like home. Playing in the comfort of your house helps maintain a clear head and avoid worry.

You can focus on practicing and developing strategies at home where you are most comfortable.

Playing Every Game Your Way Conveniently

Having a personal poker table means you are at liberty to play and host sessions at any time of the day. You can also choose your schedule and poker variation without feeling forced or rushed.

You Get To Choose Who You Play With

Apart from the mental health aspect of choosing your crowd, there is also the social aspect. Some people are spoilsports that could easily ruin the atmosphere, so you get to choose who comes over.

The plus side is if you are the spoilsport, you can make the rules and avoid getting angry.

You Can Save Money on Casino Trips

It's no doubt that a poker table will cost you quite a lot. However, it is beneficial in the long run since you won’t have to travel every other day to visit the casino.

After you get past the initial cost of purchase, saving on transportation costs is a bonus over time.

Develop Your Poker Skills

Practice always helps you hone your skills in any game, poker not excluded. 

With your poker table, you can keep on practicing without the pressures of strangers in the casino. You could also take lessons and have ample time to practice in your house.


3. Poker Table Cost Guide: Talking About Pricing

A poker table is quite an investment, and its pricing will depend on the table type, it’s quality, and materials used to make it.

When talking about the cost of a poker table, some questions to ask are:

  1. How many people do you plan to invite for poker night?
  2. What size of table do you need?
  3. Does the material matter to you, or will aesthetics suffice?
  4. Is it for a larger scale use than game night?
  5. How much are you willing to spend?
  6. How long do you want your table to last you?
  7. Would it be affordable to build yours from scratch?

After considering these questions, here is the average pricing for different categories of poker tables.

Affordable Poker Tables

The most affordable poker tables are the basic types. They will cost between $100-$800 and will most likely be a table top mat or a folding poker table. 

One of their most common benefits is the ease of storage. It’s easy to fold up and roll these tables to store them under the bed or in a closet. You may find these types quite uncomfortable, and it may also not be durable.

High-Value, Mid-Range Poker Tables

If you are willing to invest more on your poker table, you may want to consider ones within the price range of $800-$1,500. This price could get you an excellent mid-range poker table with legs that fold up or an entry-level pro poker table. It also offers more variations such as different shapes and colors, as there are more table options within this price category.

Premium Poker Tables

The premium tables will start at $1,500 and can get to high prices depending on the quality and features. The more expensive ones will have a quality of a real casino table. Some tables around this price range will include great features such as high quality long lasting materials, matching dining top, LED lights, built-in card shufflers, custom options, and a full set of chairs. These tables can provide a better poker experience, they can last you for years, and give you value for the money you invest on it.


4. The Top Poker Table Brands of 2021

Considering the number of options in the market, finding the right brand to purchase could be challenging. One search on amazon could bring up numerous tables that only leave you confused.

So we compiled some of the best market brands for poker tables this year. 

BBO Poker Tables

BBO centers themselves around making personalized tables with a large variety of product options. You can categorize their tables among the high value and premium tables.

They have lovely designs that can give your man cave the feeling of a real casino. In addition to tables, they also offer poker chips and accessories. With a lifetime warranty and free shipping, their offer is catchy.


Darafeev is a brand that Mikhail Darafeev started as early as 1959 in California. With an initial workforce consisting predominantly of Russians, Darafeev built a family legacy that he left behind for his sons.

They make premium tables at a higher price range that will last a lifetime. A unique feature of their product is the hands-on creativity and a wood-themed design. Looking at Darafeev’s furniture and products shows not just quality and time; it communicates the product’s value.

RAM Game Room

RAM isn’t intimidated by its competitors that have been in business longer than them. Despite starting in 2005, they offer excellent furniture for indoors, outdoors, game rooms, mancaves, and more, including great poker tables. 

They offer unique sturdy designs with premium-grade designs and an affordable pricing. 


Kestell is one of the oldest poker tables and furniture brands. It is another family-owned brand that uses quality wood to achieve a vintage look. Their poker tables are custom and made to order.

One of the traits they are the best known for is the durability and quality of their products. Their brand is accessible since you can get their products at an affordable price and still get good quality tables.


5. Tips for Choosing the Perfect Poker Table

Things like poker table needs, number of players, size, budget, matching decoration, and more should factor into your table choice.

If you are finally convinced to invest in a new poker table and need a few pointers to look out for when buying one, here are some:

Does it Fit Your Proposed Space?

The room you will place your table in is a crucial concern. If it is a perfect fit, what about the freedom to put new furniture and move around during games? Measure your space and the desired table to make sure it will fit properly.

How Frequently Will You Use It?

If it is a table you will use only once in a while, it’s safer to buy something you can easily fold up or move to create space. If games are weekly or regular, a permanent fixture isn’t a bad idea to reduce constant motion and organization stress.

What is Your Budget?

Irrespective of the design, durability, and flair, a table is only enjoyable when you pay full price and don’t regret it. If your budget tends towards a high-end custom poker table, it will be a good idea to make yours suit your style, your needs, and the room decoration.

What Size and Shape Do You Want?

Your table’s size and shape will depend on the type of game you intend to play, the number of players, the room space available, and the amount of leg space you guys need. A round poker table can save space and provide a closer poker experience while an oval poker table will get you a more professional experience like in a real casino.

Additional Features and Aesthetic Appeal

The nicer and attractive your table, the better you feel about game nights. Additional features like matching dining top, poker chairs, graphics, table colors, LED lighting, card shuffler, and more, will give your table aesthetic appeal that will make everyone talking about your poker table.


6. The Best Poker Tables of 2021

1. Best Selling Poker Table

LED Oval Poker Table with Built-in Card Shuffler for 10 Person

Price: starts at $3,899We are proud to present our most advanced poker table. In our new led poker table with built-in card shuffler, we offer all the newest features included, so you can host the best poker night everyone will talk about. This oval poker table comes with a built-in Shuffle Tech ST1000 Automatic Card Shuffler to offer a professional poker experience. The poker table also features LED lights that can be controlled with the touch of a button, 10 mounted USB smart chargers, 2 commanding solid oak pedestal legs, 2” sunken pit, racetrack, premium armrests, quality cloth, gloss black finish and stainless steel cup holders.


2. Best Poker Dining Table

BBO Poker Tables Helmsley Poker Dining Table 8 Person

Price: starts at $2,399The Helmsley is the perfect marriage between poker table design and modern functional dining furniture. The dining top, base and matching chairs are all solid wood and finishing in durable, rustic elegance. The dining top sits on pegs which do not leave marks on the poker table surface, and the dining top removes to reveal the true hidden gem: your new home poker table.


3. Best Oval Poker Table

BBO Poker Tables Elite Alpha LED Black Oval Poker Table 10 Person

Price: starts at $2,899This Elite oval poker table by BBO just got a bright upgrade. This comfortable yet premium high stakes battle table is ready for anything poker night can dish out including darkness. The Elite Alphacan change the mood of the room with LED illumination with the touch of a button. It also features 2 commanding solid oak pedestal legs, 2” sunken pit, racetrack, premium armrests, quality cloth, gloss black finish and stainless steel cup holders. Caution: jaws will drop. Pair it with the matching dining top, and you have the perfect secret game night ready to spring out and surprise your guests.


4. Best Round Poker Table

BBO Poker Tables Ginza LED Black Round Poker Table 8 Person

Price: starts at $2,199The Ginza 2 in 1 round poker table features the benefits of a space-saving table with all the flash of Vegas! The modern LED Ginza comes in a classic gloss black gloss with pedestal leg, 4" stainless steel cup-holders, chip-resistant racetrack, and a remote-controlled LED light system. The Ginza is also available with a matching round dining top. All of our dining tops have wooden pegs on the underside that allow for the dining top to rest in the cup-holders to prevent any dents in your armrest and playing surface.


5. Best Poker Table with Dealer Position

BBO Poker Tables Lumen HD LED Poker Table Black 10 Person and Dealer

Price: starts at $2,899This oval poker table by BBO offers a little something special to brighten your night. With the highest tier parts and craftsmanship, this Lumen HD table comes complete with LED lighting! This fully customizable table can make your poker table dreams come true. The Lumen HD is a casino quality poker table that will stand up to endless play and compliments. Can you imagine the ability to change the mood with just the push of a remote? A subtle yet powerful waterproof LED trim can give you just that. This poker table beauty can seat up to 10 players and 1 dealer, making it a perfect game night option for any poker night or game room.


6. Best Home Poker Table

RAM Game Room 84" Texas Holdem Oval Poker Table 8 Person

Price: starts at $998Play any card game with this full-size RAM Game Room 84" Texas Holdem poker table. Your family and friends will come from miles away to experience this RAM oval poker table with a rich black finish and padded playing surface.


7. Best Texas Hold'Em Poker Table

Darafeev Encore Texas Hold'Em Oval Poker Table 10 Person

Price: starts at $5,344Up to 10 Player Positions. Includes 10 Drop-In Race Track Cupholders. MAPLE wood and a Rustic Pewter Maple. Custom Sublimated Dye Casino Felt


8. Best Folding Poker Table

Kestell Deluxe Oak Folding Poker Table with Dining Top 10 Person

Price: $846This Kestell 10 players folding poker table is sure to be a hit at your next game of poker. You can customize the wood finish and color with many color options. This table is compact but packs some big features including an exceptionally durable "Sur-Loc" Steel folding leg mechanism and a one-piece top. Deal in the whole family for years of fun and games.


Thank you for taking the time to read our Poker Table Buyers Guide. We hope it was helpful and will assist you in choosing the right Poker Table for you.

If you need any further assistance or have any questions, our Poker experts will be happy to assist you and answer any of your questions.



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