Octagon Poker Tables

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Explore our exceptional range of octagon poker tables, which boast all the benefits of a circular table with that little extra edge. Elegant, efficient, and eye-catching, an octagon table is a perfect midpoint between an oval table and a circular table, boasting their benefits whilst balancing everything else out.

Generally far more inexpensive than a traditional oval table, an octagon table can typically seat six to eight people, and being as small as 120cm in diameter, is incredibly easy to move, store and place.

A perfect table option for those who want a compact, table and sleek design that is easy to set up and take down for a game with friends, an octagon poker table boasts all the major benefits of an oval table without taking up the same amount of space. Many of these tables are fitted with innovative comfort technology, including luxurious armrests, drinks holders, soft padded card surfaces, and even additional chairs free with every table purchase. Boasting spill-resistant cloth in both baize felt and speed cloth options,  this range of state-of-the-art tables is both stylish and highly functional.

Engineered by industry experts, this range of octagon tables boasts features including reinforced pedestal legs that provide optimum stability and support and a two-inch sunken pit and racetracks which keep games secure and organized. With the extensive customization options for this range of tables, allowing you to tailor your table’s unique material construction through stained wood or colored felt to your specific aesthetics needs and preferences, this collection is full of choice. Choose from a variety of materials, from rustic premium wood and modern metal designs to sleek and stain-resistant leather-oriented designs in classic black before you hit the checkout button. And even choose between either classic poker table felt or advanced speed cloth, which boasts their unique benefits for gameplay, which you can also customize with an image from our range of creative and imaginative art. Produced by experienced artists, choose from anything from patriotic-themed designs from playful pirate pictures to rock and roll themed illustrations, as you make your table as unique and imaginative as you are.

Our playing surfaces also come in both advanced speed cloth and the classic Poker table felt, which you can customize with our range of imaginative and creative art. Choose from anything from stunning and playful pirates to patriotic-themed designs, making your table as imaginative and creative as you are.

All of the tables here are both aesthetically appealing and highly functional and practical, with a gorgeously glossy, clean finish, perfect for both enjoying intensive poker and simple fun games and conversation. An investment in one of these custom poker tables is a true investment in the game you adore.

True to our name, everything available in this dynamic and diverse collection of octagon tables is 100% poker tables, sold with our satisfaction guarantee, our trademark fast, efficient, and exclusive shipping rates, and our helpful and money-saving financing options. We prioritize customer service above all else, which is why we ensure our products with their advanced poker technology, luxurious comfort-oriented features, and unique and eye-catching designs have been optimized for performance and affordability.

Everything available in this elite and expansive collection meets our incredibly high standards, standing at the absolute peak of quality when it comes to modern poker & game tables available on the market. This range of poker tables is distinguished by its rave reviews and five-star ratings, the perfect place for you to discover the perfect poker table for sale for your unique gaming needs.

Octagon Poker Tables FAQs

A standard octagonal table with a 54-inch diameter will comfortably seat four to five players, but for larger groups, you should choose a 60-inch-diameter model or a Texas hold 'em table, which is oval and up to 108 inches (9 feet) long.

The benefits of an octagonal table shouldn’t be overlooked, as they are significant when it comes to your playing ease and comfort.

Its octagonal shape is arguably more comfortable than a round poker table, as it’s easier to keep your chips and cards in reach. Octagonal tables are also more likely to be folded away, making them versatile and easy to transport and pack away when not in use. In addition to all this, the octagonal shape gives each player a flat side to play from.

Its octagonal shape gives each player a flat side to play from. With more comfort than a round table or a hexagon poker table, it's easier to keep your cards and chips within reach. Its fold-away legs make it versatile and easy to pack away when not being used.

You clean an octagonal table in the same way you clean a regular oval poker table or hexagon poker table.

For stains on the speed cloth or felt of the table, you need to create a solution of cold water and vinegar, with one cup of water and one tablespoon of vinegar. Dab the stain with a clean cloth submerged in this solution several times, and then pat gently dry with a clean cloth. But don’t use too much, or you may damage the playing surface.

For dirt, crumbs, or dust use a hand vacuum, a toothbrush, or a microfiber cloth to either hoover or pick them up. Ensure whatever you use is extremely clean.

An octagonal casino poker table is in the mid-range for poker table prices and can go for anything from just $599.00 to just above $2,000.00

A table of this configuration is cheaper than alternative options, like an oval table yet can still host a large number of players.

You can buy one here, directly on this page.