Convertible Poker Dining Tables

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Explore our exclusive range of poker dining tables, which are innovative, versatile, and extremely affordable. Go from dynamic poker play to dinner and drinks with one of these state-of-the-art tables, which feature built-in conversion with a dining top.

A convertible poker dining table is your way to bridge the gap between the afternoon and evening, providing an efficient and inexpensive means to transition from elegant, relaxed dining to invigorating poker play. With the simple mechanism of a convertible poker table, requiring you either to lift or flip the top, this process takes mere minutes and is extremely safe and hygienic. In addition to this, the dining tops we stock are exclusively constructed from premium materials, including chestnut, mahogany, and slate, which are extremely robust and resilient to long-term wear and tear.

Our poker tables come in a variety of costs, all the way from premium options with elegant designs and elite functionality to inexpensive, highly accessible options.

No matter its cost, a poker dining table is an unparalleled investment, saving you space, being incredibly convenient, being highly affordable, being easy to conceal, and keeping your parties to a singular room. By keeping dinner, drinks, and poker in one place you reduce the level of mess you will need to clean up post-party or hangout, allowing you, your family, and your friends to relax without the stress of picking things up and moving over to another room.

It allows you to truly customize your living space, transforming your poker table into a dining table with ease, keeping family and friends comfortable and relaxed in one singular space. Because of this, a poker table with a dining configuration is an inherently customizable table, with most options with this feature allowing you to opt-in or out of having a table. To explore our complete range of poker tables for sale to find more of our customizable options.

With a convertible table, you're effectively buying two tables- one for dining, and one for gameplay- for the price of one, making this an intelligent long-term investment for your home. Effortlessly blending into your domestic space, a poker table with a dining top from this collection is constructed from premium, sustainable materials with a glossy varnished finish, designed to be as robust and durable as possible.

With a convertible table, you can truly embrace both the benefits of poker and socializing with family and friends, without any of the hassle and fuss of moving rooms and changing tables. With a poker table dining table, you can truly have it all, improving your concentration, cognitive skills, and confidence with poker and then moving on to making precious memories.

Truly prioritize your game with a poker table with a dining top, which will give you the opportunity to no matter if you are an experienced professional or an amateur enthusiast to hone and improve your gaming skills and talent. This is just one collection of our diverse range of poker tables, from indoor and outdoor tables, from premium tables to inexpensive folding options, all the way to technologically sophisticated versus more simplistic choices available here on our site. To explore all of these incredible options and more, visit our expansive collection of all poker tables where we bring endless choice and variety into one specific place.

These poker tables are sold with our satisfaction guarantee, our innovative and helpful financing options, and boast extremely fast and exclusive shipping rates. We are extremely specific about the authenticity, quality, and performance we expect from all of the products we stock because customer satisfaction is our ultimate priority. With a premium poker table from this collection, full of five-star rave reviews, you are sure to be impressed by the innovation, quality, and precision of any product you purchase.

Poker Dining Tables FAQs

There are two main options for a Poker table with a dining configuration. Firstly, two-in-one configurations that flip. And secondly, the most common form, a poker table with a physical dining top, primarily made from wood, that seamlessly blends into the table.

For the first to convert you simply flip the table. For a table with a top, you simply remove the top and store it as the instructions of the product instructs.

Converting your poker table is extremely easy and efficient, a design feature created to allow you to focus fully on the game.

Yes, some tables come with chairs.Typically there will be four chairs that match the aesthetic look and materials of the table, with features like cup holders.

Often, dining poker tables that feature chairs will require cup holders within them for manufacturing reasons. To know if this is the case for your table, check the product description.

A Poker table with a dining top can go from a diversity of prices, from $999.00 up to mid $5,000.00. We recommend extensively browsing our range of poker tables and keeping in mind your budget, to get a sense of which brands in terms of price and quality may work best for you.

You clean a poker table dining tabletop simply by getting some hot soapy water, and a clean cloth, and wiping down the surface. Afterward, dry using a clean and dry towel.

If you are wiping the underside of the dining top and have a table with a felt surface, be careful with how much water you use. Getting the felt too damp can damage it and impact the overall look of your table.

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