A Guide to the World’s Most Luxurious Poker Venues

A Guide to the World’s Most Luxurious Poker Venues

It’s always fun to dream big when it comes to your gambling fantasies. Anybody who enjoys a nice game of cards can envision a home poker table that wows their friends, making them feel like they’re in one of those world-class gaming rooms. But what would that fantasy really look like? Most of us have been in some pretty cool casinos and seen some high-roller tables that felt like something out of the movies. With so many places to play, finding the most stunning of them all can present a challenge to find. Still, amazing salons filled with action and splendor are out there waiting for the lucky few to experience – and we know where they are! So if you’re ready for some real-life James Bond action, here’s your look at the world’s most luxurious poker venues.

The Bellagio, Las Vegas

Of course, we’re going to start in Vegas. You’ve seen it in Ocean’s Eleven, but until you’ve sat in those 7,000 square feet hosting 40 gorgeous oval poker tables, you just won’t really get it. Home to the famous World Series of Poker tournament, don’t expect tacky gimmicks as you’ll see on most of The Strip. Instead, in the Bellagio, you’ll encounter art galleries, lavish rooms, and, yes, that unbelievable fountain! You can opt to play at the $5 tables to enjoy the ambiance or, if you’re ready to go full high roller, check into the High-Limit lounge, with all the privacy and exclusive spirits your heart could desire. Either way, you can be sure you’ll walk away a different person than when you came in!

Casino de Monte Carlo, Monte Carlo

If you’re looking to feel like old-school royalty, this is the place. Home to some of the most coveted gaming tables in the world, the classical European ambiance is literally coming out of the walls. From the bespoke chandeliers hovering two stories above to the gold leaf accents on the baroque adornments, this is a literal palace you’ll be playing in. Of course, you can expect some straight-up upper-class snootiness, and it’s likely the most expensive casino in the world, but exclusiveness is what the principality of Monte Carlo is all about. And yes, this is the one James Bond plays in through at least three movies! Just remember: that vodka martini is “shaken, not stirred.”

The Venetian, Macau

Where is the best Venice experience when it comes to casinos? Well, we know it’s not in Venice, Italy, or Venice, California. You may have also thought it was the one you’ve heard of in Las Vegas. But, lo and behold, Macau lays claim to the most luxurious Venetian of them all! Hugging the coast of China, the sheer splendor of the property makes it a necessary entry on the list, but surprise — there are no high-stakes tables here. But don’t think that means you’ll find folding poker tables here. Jetsetters and professionals alike have to deal with waiting lists to play on the most exclusive tables here. This is fine because the service and surroundings are top-notch, and if you have to be patient, it’s probably the easiest place to do it!

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Let’s get this out of the way up front: the Marina Bay Sands luxury hotel and casino is so dedicated to its gambling culture that the architectural design is actually based on a house of cards! Easily the most recognizable landmark in Singapore’s skyline, this is the most technologically advanced casino on the planet. The main gaming hall is a four-story atrium loaded with over 500 tables. When you’re done playing, you can relax on the three-acre rooftop Sky Park and jog, swim or take a garden stroll 55 stories up in the air! This is straight-up 21st-century opulence, contrasting with classics like the Monte Carlo. With an $8 billion price tag, you can expect this property delivers all the bells and whistles! And while James Bond hasn’t made it here yet, you may have seen the Marina Bay Sands in the hilarious comedy Crazy Rich Asians.