A Poker Dealers Fortune

Poker is a fun game you can play with friends, although it may involve a sum of money. As long you have a foldable poker table with you, you're all set. But besides playing and wondering how much poker players earn in a night, don't you ever wonder about how much poker dealers make? They can earn a significant amount of money in a night, and that's a fact most people aren't aware of. 

More than Basic Salary

Some poker dealers are luckier than others because of their work location. Their salary depends on the casinos they work on. The more popular and notorious it is, the higher the chance they earn a lot. If they happen to work at a large casino, their salary can range from $30,000 to $60,000, which is more significant than an average employee's salary. A part of this range comes from the tips they receive in a poker game table, and they’re lucky if they land in a table full of big tippers. 

But if you're just about to start your journey as a poker dealer, don't expect too much from your salary. You'll most likely have to work your way up the ranks, and you'll probably start dealing at smaller or less popular games. Don't worry, because once you've established yourself and work hard enough, you can sit with the real poker dealers.

Be the Best Dealer in Town

If you've set your mind to become a poker dealer, be sure to be the best in town. There are a lot of perks at being recognized as a great poker dealer, and you can make several connections with your customers. You need to learn that in exchange for that high salary is your quality service. Showing a pleasant and kind personality to your clients will ensure more tips and better connections. 

You want to make sure you're able to establish yourself as a poker dealer who is reliable and can give a good game no matter how long the game is. Another thing you'd have to master is playing the game right. If you'd have to practice dealing cards during your free time, go ahead. The worst thing you can do is make mistakes and mess up the cards while dealing with a game.

It looks like it’s about time you buy yourself a poker table set to get you started with becoming the next best poker dealer. Not only can you earn a lot, but you get to improve your interpersonal skills and meet new people. Check out our list of the 9 Best Poker & Card Tables of this year.