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How To Fix Your Poker Table Set

Are you thinking of buying a foldable poker table? If there is limited space in your home, this is a practical choice. However, that folding line or ‘break’ in the poker table might cause problems after some time.  A poker table set needs to be kept in great shape.  Even if it looks good, damages can affect the quality of the game.  Here are some tips on how to fix your table.

  1. Table Felt

Spilled drinks and tears usually damage the felt.  It can also be replaced with higher quality materials to upgrade the table’s appearance. To change the felt, this is what you do.

  • The first step is to remove the rails of the poker table. The rails are usually held in by a couple of screws.  However, other poker tables might be taken apart differently. Consult the manufacturing company to get some tips.
  • Next, remove the felt from the surface. You can easily peel it off.  However, some tables have the felt material set onto it. So, you will have to take out the screws first.
  • After the felt is out, check if your table has a foam surface underneath.  Other tables have wood instead. The best poker table has a foam padding that is firm enough for cards to slide across. Replace it with a new foam that fits the dimensions of your poker table.
  • Whether your table has foam or wood only, the next step is to measure the new felt.  It should fit the table entirely. Line it up and keep it in place with a couple of staples. 
  • Fold back half of the felt to expose the surface of the table. Using a spray adhesive, spray both the bottom of the folded-back felt and the table surface. If you sprayed too much, be careful to wipe out the wrinkles and adjust.
  • Now put back the felt onto the table surface. Wipe the cloth to smoothen out any wrinkles.  Make sure that there is enough cloth on all sides. Do the same with the other half of the table.
  • Stable the cloth to all sides of the table to keep it taut and securely in place. Next, screw back on the rails.

If your felt design includes graphics, this has to be kept in the middle of the table to give a professional look.  You will need a partner to help in remeasuring every time you adjust a new felt while gluing it down.

2.Table Rails

These are the edges around the table that provide elbow support. The table rails have padded materials with a vinyl surface. You can buy table rails from manufacturers, but if you want to repair it yourself, do it this way.

  • First, purchase two things - new vinyl and new padding. A replacement to the stuffing is available anywhere.  Just look for a sheet of foam that you can wrap around the wood of the rail.
  • Next, take off the old rails. Screws are usually used to keep the rails attached. Unscrew, and they will lift off.
  • Take the vinyl off.  Stable the vinyl to the bottom of the rails.  Use pliers to take them out. You don’t need to take out everything, but do your best not to staple over the old ones when replacing them.
  • If the padding is still acceptable and only vinyl needs replacement, there is no need to take out the screws holding the padding down.  However, if you choose to replace the padding, unscrew it from the rail and replace it with the new one. There are usually two layers of the rolled padding.
  • After removing the vinyl and replacing the padding, the next step is to put on the new vinyl.  Get a partner to help you straighten. Lay the rails and staple one edge of the vinyl to the bottom of the wooden rail.
  • Once you have completed all the rails, staple the other side of the vinyl around the rail. On the straight edges of the poker table set, you can do this easily without wrinkling.
  • Pull the strips tightly over the padding and staple down.  Continue doing this until all pieces of strips are stapled down on the bottom of the rail.
  • Attach the rails back on the table, and that completes everything!

A poker table needs regular maintenance to look its best.  It is easy to upgrade - go to the hardware store and surprise your friends with a better-looking poker table.  

Need Help Choosing the Right Poker Table?

Contact us now and talk to one of our experts to help you find the right products to host the perfect game night