How to Take Care of A Wooden Poker Table

If you take care of your wood poker table, it can last you a lifetime, and it'll remain beautiful. Keeping your wooden poker table looking new is easy, especially if you know how to take care of it. Don't worry. You won't have to spend too much to preserve its beauty.

Mind Where It’s Placed

The color of your wooden table can change depending on where it's located. If you don't want this to happen, and if you're going to keep its natural color, here's what you can do:

  • Keep it away from areas in your home where it's hot, and this includes fireplaces or radiators;
  • Don’t put your table directly under a sunlit position. If it’s right beside a window, make sure to close your blinds when the sun is up. It can turn your wooden table a shade lighter.
  • Place a coaster if you must put a drink beside you, to avoid wood letting soaked or scratched. 

Do A Routine Cleaning

If you want to achieve that beautiful casino poker table look at home, don’t forget to do a routine cleaning for your table. This can help maintain its shine, and remove dust and grime that’ve attached:

  • Use a soft cloth when wiping your table, and make sure to follow the pattern of your wood. Make sure to dust often to prevent grime won’t stick.
  • Clean your table with clean water and soap. Make sure you use a cleanser that is compatible with a wooden table, like non-alkaline soap. After cleaning your table with a wet towel, make sure to wipe it dry properly with a soft sponge. 
  • Avoid using any wax or polish on your table.

First Aid for Your Table

Avoid long term damage on your wood poker table, and keep in mind these easy first aid tips:

  • With an ice-cube wrapped in cloth, hold it beside any wax or gum that stuck to your wooden table until it's harden. Carefully pry it off with a nail or steel wool.
  • Dry paint marks can be removed by boiled linseed oil. If it’s still dry, you can use water and oil-based paint to remove.

Next time you want to host a game at your place, you can present your Texas Holdem poker table, which looks just as stunning as any casino poker table, especially if you follow the steps we’ve provided.

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