Poker 101: What Is A "Buy-In"?

Playing poker casually is different from serious playing time, like how they do in casinos. Aside from its official rules, poker also comes with an implied etiquette that all the players must follow. One important thing to know involves the term "Buy-In." Here is what you should know before playing on a professional poker table.

What Is A Buy-In?

A buy-in is a term given to the amount of money a person needs to add to the pot to be included in a poker game. This amount would be divided into the winnings and a fee from the casino for hosting the event. Buy-ins are just the initial bet, and this amount will have to be paid after each round of the game.

Poker games can have no limit or an upper and lower limit. If you are playing with limits, this means that players can add chips just within the boundaries of the assigned numbers. For no limitations, these are usually played with higher amounts of money involved.

How Much Should A Player Add To The Buy-In?

  1. Money - First, think about how much money do you actually have available. Do not put too much unless you are willing for your night to be cut short. Also, if you do not have too much money to spare, do not play more than 10% of your bankroll.

  1. Time - Additionally, think about how much time you can spend playing. If you have lesser time, you are free to put in a large amount in your buy-in for a quicker winning potential. If you have more time, you can spread your money more.

  1. Experience - Lastly, think about how skilled you are in playing in a professional poker table set. If you are not very good at the game, do not bet big and just depend on luck. Remember that poker is a numbers game, after all.

The Concept of Re-buying In

If you had a few bad calls, there is no need for the night to end yet. You are allowed to buy more chips, or basically, do a re-buy. This process depends on the type of poker game you are playing and what are the rules of your host gambling establishment. Also, every tournament can have different rules and regulations, and there can also be limits on how often you can re-buy.

Final Thoughts

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