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Poker Card Table Shopping Guide: 9 Questions to Ask

Poker Card Table Shopping Guide: 9 Questions to Ask

Poker is one of life’s great pleasures, and there’s no greater pleasure than sharing a home poker game among friends.

The highs and lows are why poker is so beloved by players worldwide, and you can experience these thrills all from the comfort of home.

A new poker card table is not only your ticket to weekly poker nights, but it can transform any ordinary room into a game room or man/woman cave.

However, as you start shopping for poker card tables, you’ll quickly become inundated by a bevy of styles, felts, shapes, and sizes.

That’s why we’ve created this guide of frequently asked questions to help you find the right poker card table for you.

1. How big is a poker table?

Traditional, oval poker table dimensions are 44” x 96”. These dimensions will differ by table shape and type.

For example, a typical round poker table has anywhere between a 54” to 60” inch length and seats around 5-6 people depending.

When shopping for poker tables, you need to consider the size of your game room and whether you’ll be storing your table.

For example, small rooms with limited space could benefit from a smaller table-top that matches the dimensions of your dining room table. Additionally, you could purchase a poker dining table that doubles as a dining room table.

You’ll also want to account for the extra space for people to walk through a room, sit comfortably, and whether or not you want to install a professional railing or track around your table.

2. How many people can you fit at a poker table?

A casino-style poker table can fit around 9-10 players on average.

However, it’s not always the size of the poker table that influences how many people can fit at a poker table, as much as the shape.

There are generally four different poker table shapes to choose from with different sizes.

  1. Oval: Seats 9-10 Players
  2. Round: Seats 5-6 Players
  3. Octagon: Seats 4-5 Players
  4. Square: Seats 4 Players

3. How much does a good poker table cost?

On the low end, you could pay around $2,000 for an oval poker table that seats 8 players, and on the high end, up to $6,000 for a professional poker table that seats 10 players.

Your poker table’s shape, size, and material construction will influence its price.

You could save money by purchasing a folding poker table for under $1500 and still seat anywhere from 8-10 people. For example, the BBO Poker Tables Aces Pro Folding Poker Table with Dealer costs less than half the price of a solid oval poker table and still seats up to 8 players with a dealer included.

4. What kind of fabric is used on poker tables?

Speed cloth is the most common fabric or material found on professional poker tables. This felt is made of polyester and designed to make sliding cards and chips easier. Speed cloth is also more durable than woolen cloth, which is found on many lower-priced poker tables or tabletops.

5. What are the best poker table brands?

Darafeev poker tables and BBO tables are the best brands for professional and high-end poker tables.

They offer a wide selection of oval and round poker tables designed for every poker card game, including ones specifically designed for Texas Holdem.

RAM poker tables offer smaller round and oval tables to fit a budget for the most cost-effective options. In addition, Hathaway poker tables offer several round and octagon poker tables made of high-quality wood sold individually or as a poker table set of matching chairs.

Finally, Kestell poker tables offer several high-end round tables perfect for small gatherings and smaller budgets.

6. What are the best poker chairs?

Ergonomic chairs and bar stools are the best poker chairs because of their comfortable design and height.

Of course, you have flexibility when shopping for poker table chairs. Many poker tables offer matching sets of chairs, but you could settle for any of the following:

  • Ergonomic chair
  • Dining room chair
  • Barstool
  • Folding chair

Additionally, when searching for poker table chairs, consider the following:

  • Lumbar support
  • Comfort level
  • Height
  • Armrests

7. What’s the best wood for a poker table?

The best wood used for a low-end poker table is plywood as the base. Plywood supplies a sturdy structure that can hold tons of weight without fear of collapsing.

However, many high-end poker tables feature 100% oak legs that are sturdy and elegant.

In terms of the tabletop, choosing the best poker table wood comes down to preference as many poker tables feature Oak, Mahogany, Maple, Walnut, and sometimes Cherry or Fir in special cases.

Generally, Oak and Maple table tops are a favorite among our most high-end poker tables.

8. What is a custom poker table?

A custom poker table features various woods, felts, and designs that differ from traditional, casino-style poker tables.

Some of our most unique products include a LED poker table, a poker table with shuffler, and a poker table with a dealer tray.

9. Where can I buy a poker table?

You can purchase a poker table from any online poker table retailer. At Just Poker Tables, we offer dozens of poker tables that range from cost-effective folding poker tables to high-end oval poker tables that fit 10-players and feature their own LED lights.

No matter your style or budget, we have poker card tables available for anyone. Browse our selection to find a poker card table that you’ll love.

Need Help Choosing the Right Poker Table?

Contact us now and talk to one of our experts to help you find the right products to host the perfect game night