Sit Down and Play Some Cards! A Guide to Poker Table Chairs

Sit Down and Play Some Cards! A Guide to Poker Table Chairs

When you’re looking to set up the perfect gaming room, you are of course going to be spending some time choosing the best poker table you can possibly get. It will serve as the centerpiece of the room! You can choose shapes, ranging from oval to round to square. There are different colors to choose from, classic styles reminiscent of the world’s most vaunted casinos. They can be for indoor or outdoor, artsy or practical folding tables.

But have you taken the time to think about the chairs you surround that table with? Pairing the perfect seating with the perfect gaming plane is key to completing your setup. And don’t worry if you haven’t ever thought about it — that’s what we’re here for. Check out this quick guide to poker chairs to get you started!

Hold ‘em and Fold ‘em

For some people, space may be tight. Or maybe having the ability to quickly set up a game anywhere from the basement to the patio means opting for a fold-up poker table. And contrary to what you might think, there are some excellent, classy tables out there that can be easily wrapped up and moved around. That goes double — or even quadruple — for poker table chairs! A nice set of solid oak folding poker table chairs can be sturdy, comfortable, and practical. Many varieties will come with beautifully colored seats to liven the space up and a stain finish that makes for a classy piece of furniture.

Swizzle Sticks to Swivel Arms

Sometimes the poker table can become quite the lively setting. Cards go flying, drinks get thrown back, angry and joyful phrases breeze through excited mouths, and bodies will move as they are energized by the action! If you and your gang find yourselves in those more animated moments more often than not, then getting a nice set of swivel poker armchairs could be just the ticket. These caster-wheeled seats allow triumphant spinning, leisurely laying back, and accentuated throw downs. Comfortable and stylish, this choice takes the best of an office chair and converts it into pure fun. And hey, if the drinks are flowing, it’s probably safer to have a chair that gives a little!

Some Chic under Your Chips

Are you the kind of person who loves the finer things? Then we wouldn’t be surprised if you had a custom poker table made for you in a modern style, perhaps to match an urban lifestyle. Or maybe you just went for a nice luxurious brand name to add elegance to your gaming salon. There’s no reason to stop there. You can opt for some of that same modern look with designer poker table chairs. Built to double as dining room chairs, they could be even more perfect if you’re looking to have a convertible poker table to quickly turn your game board into an eatery space. Nobody ever said you had to settle for less!

Because Not Everybody Is a Player

Now that you’ve thought about the chairs set around the poker table for players, how about some consideration for the folks at the party who only get to watch? Not every game is an island unto itself. Sometimes larger gatherings find the card sharks just one feature of many diversions. Some of your guests can still have a good time looming over your shoulder as you play. Spectator chairs are a level up to your gaming furniture ensemble, comfortable and refined, placed with confidence that folks will want to follow your strategy! Set up higher than poker chairs, they afford a bird’s eye perch atop the action from a couple of feet away and can double for bar seating as well!