The 5 Best Folding Poker Tables of 2021

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Sick of shuffling along to the casino to play your favorite game? Then you should consider purchasing a poker table for 2021.

Not just any poker table, however! A folding one. So you can decide if, how, where and when, you want to play poker. And then whip out a fully functional, robust, stylish, and expansive table in the blink of an eye. It will seem to friends and family like magic- but it’s just the height of foldable gaming technology.

If you have doubts about purchasing a table, they won’t be troubling you for much longer. There are so many persuasive reasons to purchase a poker table. Many of which revolve around bringing the proven benefits of poker into your home.

It’s neurologically beneficial for the brain. It helps you maintain long-lasting, intimate friendships. And it heightens your critical social capacity to discern the behavior and emotions of others, just to name a few. And with a foldable poker table option, you get all these fantastic benefits, without the big investment and space taken up by a regular poker table. All the fun, without any of the faff.

With that said, let’s get on with the list. Here are the best folding poker table choices for 2021, options where no matter how hard you fold, your table will always be there to support you. 

BBO Poker Tables Aces Pro Alpha Poker Table

For a more modern and futuristic-looking fold up poker table, look no further than BBO, the big, bright, and overwhelmingly high-quality brand that delivers every time. Internationally renowned, BBO is one of the most leading brands in the world of tabletop gaming technology, and their state-of-the-art poker tables never disappoint.

Case and point, this one-of-a-kind table. One of a kind, I hear you ask? Yes, because this is not only a collapsible poker table but one which features a stunning LED strip. BBO has applied their state-of-the-art illumination system even to their fold-out poker table options, which can hold all the way up to 700lbs.

This is BBO’s most versatile and heavy-duty best folding poker table, boasting excellent portability with its elegant wooden legs and a removable playing surface customizable with graphics for tournament play.

You have the choice to add suited speed cloth, custom graphics, cup holders, USB chargers with a hidden power supply, a dining up, a built-in card shuffler and so much more with this BBO poker card table.

Backed by a lifetime warranty, we heavily back this foldable table when it comes to the best options for 2021. An ace table for an ace poker player, consider this if you are looking for a table that’ll be perfect to support you through both your gaming highs and lows.

BBO Poker Tables Aces Pro Folding Poker Table 10 Person with Dealer

Our final option for 2021, meet another foldable poker table by BBO which comes with an especially unique and multifaceted feature- a built-in dealer.

Of elite professional quality, its classic kidney bean shape supports an abundance of players, all the way up to ten, and its heavy-duty steel legs and removable vinyl armrests provide robust comfort and luxurious support. Available with a green, red, blue, and black playing surface this table has a reinforced frame and an easy to replace armrest which survives late-night tear and extensive wear. This poker card table also allows you to print customized graphics onto the playing surface and boasts the authenticity and reliable quality of a classic casino table.

Stylish, sophisticated, and sleek with a designated spot for your table dealer, this expansive table folds away in a flash, supporting big groups of friends and families as they play away the day and night. Any poker enthusiast who is serious about improving the efficiency and quality of their game, whilst having a foldable option that can support extended groups of poker players should consider this table. At only $1,099.00 coming with a gift set of 500 poker chips valued at around $100, this is an inexpensive investment that is 100% worth your time and money.

RAM Game Room 48" Folding Poker Table Set with 4 Folding Chairs

First up on our list of folding poker tables is this innovative option by RAM, which comes complete with four additional folding chairs, and can support up to six players.

Available in six fantastic wood finishes including Cappuccino, Chestnut, Black, English Tudor, Antique White and Slate this fold up poker table is extremely easy to transport and store. Simply fold, and you immediately have a lightweight poker card table you can install anywhere, allowing you to bring the fun to family and friends.

The four beautiful chairs which come with this purchase are complete with a comfortable upholstered vinyl padded seat and robust, highly durable design created to support all poker enthusiasts through their games.

With a gift of a 500 piece set of poker chips valued at $100, this fold out poker table is only $1,049.00 making it a massive bargain and worthwhile investment for any poker player who wants the full poker experience. 

Kestell 57" Oak Period Style Octagon Folding Poker Table 8 Person

Versatile, comfortable, and stylish, this Kestell octagon poker card table is the best folding poker table for sophistication.

Boasting a period feel, this game table features a simple and efficient folding mechanism that allows it to be easily stored away, and its solid hardwood construction with a shiny walnut finish means it doubles up as both a poker table and a stylish centerpiece.

Boasting a soft padded card surface this collapsible poker table is an elegant and efficient option that will appeal to a diversity of poker players, from experienced players to amateur enthusiasts. The octagon-shaped table features a soft padded card surface that will significantly elevate your poker play, with its built-in cup holders and chip holders and four additional folding chairs.

Priced at only $849.00 this fold up poker table is an extremely affordable and high-quality option, perfect for small groups of family or friends who love the game but not spending tons of their hard-earned cash.

Kestell 57" Oak Contemporary Octagon Folding Poker Table 8 Person

Another fantastic choice for 2021 from our folding poker tables is this low-cost folding contemporary poker card table by Kestell, which costs only a minute $809.00.For such a low cost, this is a fantastic option for those new to poker who don’t want to make a major investment yet, and smaller groups of families or friends seeking to balance the budget.

Though it lacks the inclusion of chairs like other fold out poker table options on this list, this collapsible poker table has its unique rustic charm and appeal. It’s extremely customizable, allowing you to choose between six distinct stained wood finishes including Ranch Oak, Natural, Fruitwood, Mahogany, Pecan, and Spanish Oak. You can also even choose the finish of your table upholstery, with the choice between black, dark green, bottle green, burgundy, and red fabric, or black, green, and red vinyl.

With the capacity to fully design the card table and its folding legs allowing for easy setup and storage due to their steel “Sur-Loc” mechanism, this is one of our best folding poker table options for innovation and customisability. To discover more incredible customizable options, along with a variety of other folding poker tables, you may want to visit our complete poker tables collection.


So, there you have it! Our list of the top foldable table options for poker for 2021.

The RAM game room table, the Hathaway Broadway, the Kestell period style and contemporary oak, the BBO Aces pro with dealer, and the BBO Aces Pro Alpha table. Four fantastic collapsible poker table options for any poker player serious about reaping the bountiful benefits of poker, and some of the most high-quality folding poker tables available currently on the market. Any of these choices will massively improve your poker play and elevate your overall gaming experience, providing a compact, portable and efficient way for you to enjoy your favorite game with family and friends.

If you’ve read through this list and don’t feel drawn to any of the options discussed, there are plenty of other choices available. You can discover all of them and more by visiting our collection of all of the poker tables we stock.

We hope even if you haven’t found the best option for you on the list, that you at least now have a sense of what may be the ‘best’ sort of model for your unique gaming and financial needs. No matter what you prioritize in your buying choices, be it price, adaptability, innovation, design, or size, there will be a foldable poker table available to suit you. All you have to do is make 2021 the year that you discover it.