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The Best Poker Tables of 2021 - Just Poker Tables

6 Best Poker Tables for Your Game room

Want to go ‘all in’ this summer?

Then it may just be the right time for you to invest in a poker table, the ultimate investment for all your gaming needs.

There are many reasons to own a poker table. You get the opportunity to practice and have fun playing poker in the comfort and privacy of your own home. No more unnecessary travel or expense. A process which in the long term, saves you a lot of money.

No, I’m not bluffing, these truly are the benefits- benefits you could begin experiencing right now.

But, I hear you ask- how do I decide? How do I differentiate the best poker tables from the rest?  How do I pick from the range of poker tables for sale the one that will be perfect for me, my family, and my friends?

Fear not, for we have the answer. Welcome to our Best Poker Tables for Your Game room list. Designed to make your purchase of that incredible poker table that little bit easier. While this is in no way a list designed to tell you how or what to buy- we do hope our selection of what we consider the best poker tables will help you in determining your fiscal and material priorities.

So, without any further ado, let’s go through the most impressive poker tables for sale for this year, and why they may just be right for you.

LED Oval Poker Table with Built-in Card Shuffler for 10 Person

With its stunning illumination system, this elite oval poker table takes the first spot on this exclusive list.

One of our most highly rated tables of all time, this table is extremely reliable, long-lasting, and even comes with an optional dining top!

Its high quality owes itself to its construction- having been engineered out of sustainable oak and features stylish and comfortable upholstery. Supporting up to ten people, its innovative oval shape makes it perfect for hosting exciting poker games for friends and family.

But the true star of this table is its LED strip, available in a diverse range of dynamic colors, including neon reds, greens, and blues. Controllable both manually and via a programmable wifi remote, this state-of-the-art system allows poker enthusiasts to dominate the darkness, playing for as long as they want.

It’s truly a poker table designed to…’ light up’ your life.

This table comes fully furnished with an st1000 Shuffle Tech shuffler, one of the most sophisticated pieces of automation technology available in the gaming industry. Capable of shuffling 52 cards at a time, this machine’s patented shuffling process cuts riffling, cutting, and hand stripping down to a speedy 90 seconds on less. With a diverse range of fun and dynamic modes, you can focus your attention 100% on the game with the st1000, designed to glide smoothly and efficiently over felt.

Best For?

This table is best for groups of poker enthusiasts who want a reliable, stylish table with that little bit extra. Shock and surprise your friends and family with this awesome LED table, that will keep you playing poker for years to come.

A huge part of why this oval poker table is listed here as one of our best poker tables is its sheer popularity. It continues to attract rave reviews and high levels of customer satisfaction every single year, as one of our biggest sellout products. This is another reason why you should act fast if this table is the one for you this year- it goes fast! 

BBO Poker Tables Rockwell Mahogany Oval Poker Table 10 Person

Another top seller from BBO, a brand which at this point I assume stands for beautiful, breathtaking oval tables, is this Rockwell Mahogany table.

With its intricate, stylish design featuring two robust solid oak pedestal legs, stainless steel cup holders, and a varnished mahogany finish, this takes the poker table to new heights of sophistication. Choose from a range of playing surfaces, including speed cloth, felt, and either our own professionally created designs or your customized design. To not only put your stamp on this table, but also to customize the unique surface you play on- as each material possesses distinctive advantages for certain forms of poker.

With its additional mahogany dining top, this oval poker table will transition you from sophisticated dining to heated poker in a matter of minutes, making it a fantastic option for poker enthusiasts who love to socialize.

Best For?

Like the LED model, this table is best for big groups of family or friends who want a versatile, high-performing poker table- and seek a more elegant and classic design.

If neon lighting isn’t your thing, and the idea of getting a gift of a 500 piece poker chip set valued at 100 dollars appeals to you,  this stunning Rockwell Mahogany table may just be your 2021 pick. 

BBO Poker Tables Lumen HD LED Poker Table Black 10 Person and Dealer

Boasting casino quality construction, next up on this list is another brilliant poker table by the notorious BBO.

Seating up to ten players and one dealer, this table possesses similar construction, technology, and features to the first oval poker table on this list. However, its design is slightly more sleek and modern, making it a superior fit for a game room or living space with a forward-thinking, minimalistic design. Enjoy all this with the capacity to ‘Lumen’ate your poker play with its waterproof LED system, simply by pushing your remote.

Adding an electrifying element to play, the extent to which this illumination system will drastically increase the drama and intensity of your game is not to be underestimated- making playing poker on a LED table a true experience. Add on the ability to choose from a beautiful range of design templates, and an autonomic card shuffler by shuffle deck, this is a true gaming investment.

Best For?

A similar audience to the first LED Oval poker table on this list. Those who prefer a more sleek design, or are looking for possible alternatives, will be extremely satisfied with this premium poker table.

Hathaway Kingston Oak 3 in 1 Poker Table with 4 Arm Chairs

Have a heavenly game with Hathaway, on this cultured North American hardwood pedestal table and armchair set.

Created in a unique and innovative octagon design, this poker table has a diameter of 48 inches and fits up to eight people, boasting an armchair set constructed from premium shiny black leather. These four chairs feature padded seats, swivel mechanisms, and gas tilt’s to make them as stylish and comfortable as possible- perfect for both professional meetings and games of poker.

But what truly sets this table apart from other options on the market is its 3-in-1 status. Choose from three convenient configurations, including a poker table, a bumper pool table, and even a card table. With additional Bumper Pool accessories, including chalk, a table brush, two cues, and pool balls, what are you even waiting for? 

Best For?

Medium groups of poker enthusiasts who want a truly sophisticated and stylish table that looks like it means business. You even get four professional fully functional chairs with it, that is suitable for both your poker, dining, and professional needs. If an elegant design is your forte, you couldn’t ask for better than this Hathaway table.

BBO Poker Tables X2 Mini Black Poker Dining Table 8 Person

The stealthiest option on this list, don’t be fooled by the size of this BBO poker table. It boasts functionality and professional performance up there with the biggest models available.

Fitting into any home environment, from a game room to a dining room, this mini poker table is extremely portable and lightweight, easy to use and store. Its dining top table features wooden pegs on the underside, which ensure your playing surface and armrest are completely protected. Finished in black gloss with a playing surface you can upholster in a diversity of fabric materials, this mini table will deliver incredible memories, full of fun for friends and family. 

Best For?

Poker enthusiasts who love the game but need a little bit more space- and don’t want the investment and cleaning of a regular table. This option is less pricey than the others on this list, but can still accommodate eight people.

Kestell 57" Oak Octagon Poker Table with Pedestal Base 8 Person

Last but not least, we have this Kestell oak Octagon poker table.

An eight-person table, this unique Kestell design is available in six beautiful oak wood finishes, including- natural, pecan, mahogany, Spanish oak, fruitwood/walnut, and Ranch oak- allowing you to pick the finish that truly elevates your gaming experience. On top of this, this table features a heavy-duty robust pedestal base and the same unique octagon design.

With an optional vinyl folding black service top, this an extremely functional and stylish table made 100% in the USA. It’s also one of the most inexpensive poker tables for sale on this list, making it a highly desirable investment for this year.

Best For?

Medium-sized groups of poker players who want a slightly more inexpensive option than other models on the market. Especially those who appreciate a very specific look when it comes to the wooden construction of their table.


We hope having read this guide you feel ready to ‘ace’ your poker table purchase. There is an abundance of high-quality poker tables to choose from this year, so ensuring you know what makes a table truly shine can be the difference between a satisfactory purchase and a truly incredible one.

If you want to explore more options, we recommend you visit our list of the Best Poker & Card Tables to Buy to contrast and compare what you’ve seen to other options available- or to make your perfect purchase today.

Need Help Choosing the Right Poker Table?

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