Top 3 Best Quality Playing Poker Cards

The quality of your cards plays an essential role in giving you and your friends a good game. If you plan on hosting a game at home, match that casino poker table you have at home with quality cards. If you’re someone who loves playing cards, consider investing in a quality deck which many high-end casinos use.

Type of Card

If you’re using a wood poker table, make sure your card complements your material. There are different types of material used for making a card. 

  • Vinyl playing cards are made of plastic, and they're coated to get a glossy finish. This is the type of card you can find around convenience stores and malls, and they're usually the cheapest. They fold easily, and sometimes they can slip from your hand when dealing.
  • Paper-based cards are firmer to touch, denser than vinyl cards, and it's slightly sturdier than thick paper. It folds easily, but it won't slip out of your hands accidentally.  

Size and Specifications

You want the perfect type card to play with your Texas Holdem poker table. You want to consider the following details like:

  • Size – make sure you get standard-sized cards. There are some cards which are slightly narrower or longer, for people with bigger hands.
  • Glare – some cards have a glaring aspect to it, and it'd be an issue if you're playing in the right room. 
  • Readability – make sure the text on your card is easy to read, and the numbers are distinguishable.
  • Texture – you don't want cards that are too slippery and thin enough that it folds easily. Casino quality falls smoothly on your hands. 

Color and Design

In as much as you'd like to be creative with your deck of cards, your only choice is to choose the color and design of your cards. There are a lot of color choices to choose from, but whatever it is, make sure it isn't a complex color combination. You can choose from a range of neutral and wild-looking colors, but remember that your players should still be able to identify and distinguish from the other cards.

A game of cards with your friends is fun, especially if you have a quality card to match the competition. Just like any casino poker table, cards are also an investment.

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