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Ram Game Room Poker Tables

Poker is best played with good friends in the comfort of home. That's why investing in a poker table can be a game-changer in your game room. If you're looking to buy yours, you can get some of the best poker tables for sale from Just Poker Tables.

A good table can instantly spruce up your man cave. This also provides countless hours of entertainment for your guests. All of your family and friends can enjoy a good game regardless of their skill level.

An important factor to consider before getting an outdoor pool table is its shape and size. At first, most people tend to think of a large, oval poker table. However, there are also smaller and round poker tables for sale.

An oval poker table allows for efficiency in card dealing with your dealer seated in the middle. This table shape can also accommodate more players comfortably. If you're looking for large tables like those casino poker tables, consider getting an 8-foot oval table. There are smaller options for oval tables when you're short on space, but it will still be larger than a round table.

While an oval poker table is surely a classic, the more versatile option is the round poker table. Of course, getting this shape may mean that you'll be able to play with fewer people. However, this can have numerous benefits.

First, this table size may take up less space. Second, the responsibilities of a dealer can go around the table- home poker games rarely give a designated dealer. Lastly, this table size and shape make dealing easy. Just a flick of your fingers, and you're done.

Now, let's tackle the quality. Our poker tables are of top-notch quality and are made to last a lifetime. Our selection only comes from the finest brands, like the RAM poker table. This level of quality lets you enjoy poker the way it's meant to be played. You won't have to worry about spills from your drinks or cards flying off the edge.

Just Poker Tables is proud to provide first-class products and brands. Get your own RAM game room poker table from us, and you'll find out why this brand is one of the best out there. These tables will last a very long time with proper usage and care.

Not only that, but getting a RAM poker table can also make a great talking piece for your game room. Before you even sit down with your players, you can entertain them with your beautiful table. Get your poker table from our unique and quality selection. We also offer you amazing  delivery and installation.

Hold your horses; we've got more! We have a convertible RAM poker table. This can let you shift quickly from good drinks to good competition with your family or friends. Don't hesitate — explore our diverse collection of poker and step up your poker game with us!

Ram Game Room Poker Tables FAQs

There are many factors to consider when getting a poker table for your home. Several of these can even affect your comfort and gameplay. RAM Game Room poker tables can deliver on both these factors consistently.

Table Markings

Think about whether you're going to be using the table for other casino games other than poker. You should even consider if you're going to use it for only one specific type of poker. Some tables are made to be usable for other games like craps, blackjack, baccarat, or roulette. Some have raised letterings or even illustration or graphics on the felt. Both can interfere with card dealing, so you should keep your table as simple as you can.


One of the important elements of any investment is durability. RAM Game Room poker tables are built to last a lifetime with proper care. This is because RAM poker tables are made using only quality products. Solid wooden tables are better at holding weight, but metal ones tend to set up and fold up better. The quality of construction also matters. For instance, check the cupholders. It should be able to hold over time, so you won't get messes in the future. Waterproof felt can be pretty rare, but it is a nice detail to have in case of spills. You'll also want to check the legs. You want them sturdy so your table won't shift or buckle.


When looking for a poker table for sale, people sometimes overlook this detail. However, it can be crucial for you and your player's comfort. Long games can leave you leaning over the table for a long time. Good quality and even padding for the armrests that encircle the table are essential. Also, good quality felt can help your cards slip smoothly as you deal. A little bit of padding under the felt can also help reduce chip bounce.

Our RAM Game Room poker tables for sale at Just Poker Tables are guaranteed to be designed with your optimal comfort and game experience in mind.

Yes! The playing surface is usually made of two layers: an outer cloth and a foam layer under it. You can look for these tabletops or get them customized by a trusted seller. RAM Game Room poker tables offer you different options to compliment your gameplay.

Speed cloth

Speed cloth is the most popular covering nowadays. It's usually waterproof and is ideal for smooth dealing.


This is the traditional surface for poker tables. It is usually a combination of wood and nylon. It is a perfect balance of grip and slide but can be pretty expensive.


Velveteen surfaces are actually made of cotton. It's a good and cheaper alternative to felt.

Playing Surface Foam

Some players want soft playing surfaces. Builders can include a foam layer under the playing surface. A ¼" foam is more common, but a closed-cell can also be used.

You can get your very own RAM Game Room poker table here on our website. We only offer you the best products on the market along with top-notch customer service. We can also deliver and install your RAM poker table at your home. We are excited to help you start your poker experience. Browse our large selection of RAM poker tables for sale.

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